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About us

Hello locsFam!

Welcome to locsBox!

I am so excited to share locsBox with the world and I hope you feel all the love I'm throwing y'all way! locsBox was a natural transition for me. I first started loc'ing my hair towards the end of my military career in 2014. You may recall the military not being too fond of locs, twists, or a slew of other professional hairstyles at this point. This did not sit well with me. You see, growing locs is such an intimate and almost spiritual journey- you learn self-love, acceptance and strength. For the military to be telling me my hair was "matted, unkempt and unprofessional" knocked the wind out of my sails. But taking no has never been an option for me and the 'I Am My Hair' campaign was born- targeted at reversing the regulations that deemed our hair everything that it wasn't, and we won! #WeDidThat.

Around this time I was having a hard time finding the right products for my locs. What once worked for my loose natural hair was just not doing it anymore! Luckily I was able to find local products here and there and also big box manufactuers as well. I wanted to share that same lovsLove I was finding with all my loc'ed peeps and that is locsBox.

Enjoy dolls!

Jasmine Jacobs aka JJ