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the journey

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I feel like all good things start with Solange. And so it is written as so it is done. Now then. Like any good initial blog post, I'm going to talk about myself a bit, the purpose for this blog a bit and then leave y'all to the comments!

Just like what led me to start locsBox was a journey, so is the process of growing my locs. I won't eeem pretend to be a vet in this game at just a year into the dreadlocks life- but if you know me you know my product junkie-ism is real and uncurable, and I refused to go into the process without continuously researching, experimenting and seeking answers and reviews. Even then, I know all dreads are not the same- so I keep the loc squad around to keep me honest.

Which brings me to a random note, I use all of the words typically used to describe "matted locs of hair" interchangeably, although that wasn't always the case. I remember subconsciously erring on the side of making others comfortable by innocently calling them 'locs'- dropping the 'dread', white-washing them in something cute, trendy and non-threatening... les someone think I'm some militant vigilante trying to stir up trouble. Until I realized I was just that haha.

But aside from that, I found that often times we drop that 'dread' so as to 'remove any negative connotations from the word', alas we have to remind ourselves that it was not us that attached negative connotations to the word, thus when we remove it are we not in fact cowering to the very society that we began to loc our hair in objection of? Let is sit in marinate. I know I did.

Now then, this blog is for us. For the loc'ed Kings and Queens and the journeys we take in this crazy universe. It's called locs n' magic because every time I think about locsBox, I think about #blackgirlmagic in tangible form. Not just with me, although I do sprinkle some if I do say so myself, but all of the men and women up with me at 2am grinding out their dreams. For the inspiring vendors I have the joy of working with and the ones beginning their journeys, or deep in their journeys when we find one another- get you some of that magic and sprinkle boo sprinkle!

Now you know that cued another Solange song:

I'm sorry, but I'm not sorry, because A Seat at the Table is giving us all everything we need. everything.

So what can you expect? Random musings about all things loc'ed, tips, tricks, guest bloggers sprinkling their magic, inspiring ways to get in touch with your own magic in the form of meditations and self-reflections and alla that. I'm not just here to sell a box. (But please sah, buy my box) but to create a community of love, light, locs n' magic.

Be well,


Shoot- I just remembered I didn't really talk about myself... hm. I said I was going to do that, but got distracted as I do... I'll get back to it when the time is right, but in the meantime, check out the 'About Us' for any burning questions you may have about the kid!

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